Pill press dies for TDP-1.5 / TDP-0 / TDP-5 / TDP-6 / SDP-0 / etc. Tablet Press Machine

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Pill press dies for TDP-1.5 / TDP-0 / TDP-5 / TDP-6 / SDP-0 / etc. Tablet Press Machine, Buy pill press dies

Tablet press machine die for all types and models of tablet press machines, complete set.

Pill press dies for all models of press die machine, motor and manual pill press machines, pill making machine.

Sets Includes:

– Upper punch
– Middle die
– Lower punch
– Base
– Pill catcher
– Hammer
– 50 grams binder

Custom Tablet Press Die Manufacturing Service – Contact for Details

Customized pill press dies require about 25 days for production, excluding delivery time.

Custom molds require detailed photos and drawings to make molds faster.

Lettering punch is an important part of the tablet press, also known in the industry as a tablet press die. The die of a tablet press is divided into three parts: upper punching die, medium punching die and lower punching die. The tablet press die we produce is round, special, rotating, single, etc. We have many years of technical experience in materials, heat treatment, grinding and polishing. Especially in the selection of materials, imported steel is mainly used to improve the quality of the mold. In terms of technical specifications, we always adhere to production standards.

Lettering punch specifications:
– Round
– Alien (triangle, ellipse, etc.)

Lettering punch features:
– Made of carbon steel, with steel, chrome 12
– Digital processing center finishing production, in line with IPT standards
– Corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, wear-resistant, high temperature, long service life
– 100% compatibility (regardless of round or special molds)
– Accuracy: up to level 2
– The surface roughness of the die surface reaches Ra 0.1, and the remaining mating surface reaches Ra 0.4
– Hardness: that HRC58 + 2, medium die HRC60 + 2

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Product: pill press die
Use For Machine Type: All Models
Condition: New

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Custom Punch Dies Manufacturing Service – Contact for Details

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